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Home Ninja keeps your home safe, healthy, and operating efficiently with a one-stop solution for thoughtful home maintenance.

• Save time and money

• Protect your family and home

• Achieve peace of mind with a quick, stealthy visit

Customized proactive home care is largely unheard of in the home maintenance space, which is why we’re letting you get exposed to our new model with our Kick-Off Service.

Local Handyman and Contractor for Home Service Repairs

This $184 Kick-Off Service Provides Three Tiers of Value At One Price

1) Home Ninja 3 point initial service

  • Vacuum lint from dryer vents
  • Vacuum refrigerator and freezer coils
  • Vacuum 2 bathroom exhaust fans

We call this efficiently bundling services and curbing future problems –– something regular customers will get used to. 

2) Home Ninja Scan

Ninja’s are good at going undetected and so are common home maintenance issues. Our Ninja’s will scan your home to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, identifying and documenting potential vulnerabilities and service needs in the process. This involves looking at key appliances, current service techs, and a holistic examination of what makes your home unique. This scan is what drives the development of our wholly unique maintenance plan.

3) Home Ninja Maintenance Plan 

Our comprehensive and customizable home maintenance plan is a service snapshot of your home’s immediate needs, potential needs, and a blueprint for which of our services may apply throughout the year. In other words, our Ninja’s beat you and other providers to the punch list. The plan is included in the $184 Kick-Off cost, providing value even if you use other service providers to execute it.

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